In this article, the first of many to come from your friends here at Piccolo, we’ll be diving into the metaverse. We’ll be discussing basic understandings of the metaverse, the significance of The Sandbox lot that we purchased in December 2021, and how the location of the land was tactically chosen to give Piccolo an advantage in an ever-growing virtual industry.

The metaverse is fairly new and understanding the concept can be a bit overwhelming. For instance, if someone were to ask “What is the metaverse?”, what might you respond to them? Essentially, at face value, the metaverse is a combination of virtual reality (where you would put a VR headset on) and augmented reality. Pokemon Go is a perfect example of augmented reality where our physical realities are augmented to show Pokemon in the real world through an application we use on our devices.

Why Metaverse for Piccolo token?

Now, what does this really accomplish for Piccolo? In the metaverse, where the adoption of virtual reality is rapidly growing, there are monetary transactions taking place with a multitude of products just like in the real world. You can buy, sell, trade, and rent land. You can even build a store to sell your own NFTs or even charge others a fee for trading their NFTs or other products (concert tickets, pool parties, exclusive partnered items) in your store. For example, someone can purchase a piece of virtual land, build on it, and sell it. Going even further, that same person may want to build a game on that piece of land where they will charge others to play there. The reality of it is that if you can imagine it, you can do it in the metaverse.

Why Sandbox for our gaming Metaverse?

That being said, not all metaverse platforms are created equal. One that stands out amongst the rest is The Sandbox (SAND). One of the strongest reasons is that The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven gaming ecosystem where creators can share and monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences (using the platform’s VoxEdit and Game Maker software) on the Ethereum blockchain ( This plays well for us at Piccolo because we are looking into making a game in the metaverse in addition to the game already in production and being developed by Larva Game Studios.

After deciding on the metaverse that aligned with our project, we went ahead and purchased a piece of land in The Sandbox. This alone, owning land in the most popular metaverse, was still not enough for us. Rather, the location (54, -75) of where it was purchased definitely was! We wanted the best of the best for our community.

The location is right next to one of The Sandbox lots and also the biggest Atari lot. It’s similar to buying a piece of land across from a well-known attraction like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. The act of buying a piece of land so close to these two locations was tactically done to bring attention to Piccolo! As of now, this land has offers already exceeding what Piccolo purchased it for. This is just the beginning. As the land is built upon, and with the metaverse game as well as other plans the project has for this location, the value will surely continue to grow well into the future.

Let's take a look at the video announcement our ceo -

As stated in the beginning, this is the first of many blog articles and just a brief digestible explanation of the topics mentioned above. I implore all readers to do their own research “DYOR” on the metaverse and “The Sandbox” to really grasp what Piccolo is bringing to not only you but the crypto space as a whole.

Article by Nick (Piccolo Team)