If you’re wondering where you should be purchasing $PINU, look no further! $PINU, similar to tokens like SHIB and SAITAMA developed on the Ethereum blockchain, was first released on Uniswap. This is where you can buy your PINU or any other Ethereum blockchain token using ETH in your wallet. How to buy our token using a Metamask wallet will be discussed in further detail below.

Aside from Uniswap, you also have other purchasing options for PINU such as Pinuswap, Shibswap, FegEx, Lbank, Hotbit, Bitmart, Bkex, and XT.com with others always in the works. This push to list on multiple exchanges within the first months of release was done by the team so that the token could reach as many investors as possible. Those who are already on those exchanges will be able to invest in PINU whilst not having to spend too much on Ethereum gas fees.

Why buy from Uniswap over an exchange?

The real question is, why should you purchase your tokens on Uniswap rather than an exchange. Well, there are pros to purchasing tokens on exchanges, including less expensive fees to buy and sell. There are also some cons, which include not being able to fully take advantage of what PINU has to offer with what it already has in place or what’s to come in the future (reflections, staking, NFT’s etc.). Although you will reap the benefits of the token price going up, that is as far as the benefits go withholding them on an exchange.

For this reason, it is highly recommended  that you have your own wallet where you can control the use of your tokens. There are way more benefits provided, especially if you’re going to be a long term holder. The price you pay in Ethereum gas fees is well worth the inevitable trip to the moon.

How do I buy Piccolo token ($PINU) on uniswap?

To take advantage of everything Piccolo token ($PINU) has to offer, buying on Uniswap using your Metamask wallet is best. To buy Piccolo using your Metamask wallet, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create Metamask wallet

Step 2: Buy ETH directly on Metamask wallet or send ETH to your Metamask wallet to be able to purchase $PINU

Step 3: Setup the swap to trade ETH for $PINU

Step 4: Buy and then add $PINU to your wallet to track the moonshot

Here's a detailed way on how to buy the token -

Step 1: Create a Metamask wallet to be able to buy, sell, and send $$PINU. Be sure to securely save your key phrase when creating your wallet (never share with anyone). Also, it must be noted that if you lose this key phrase, no one can help you recover it to log back into your wallet.

Step 2: Buy Ethereum (ETH) directly on Metamask or transfer it to Metamask from other exchanges you might have ETH. When transferring, make sure you are transferring to the correct wallet address and that it is an ERC-20 network. If you send it to an unknown address, there is no way to get your money back.

Step 3: If you’re buying on a mobile device, open your Metamask wallet application. Once you have ETH in your wallet, select the 3 lines at the top left of the screen. Now, click on where it says “Browser” and input “https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap" where it asks to type the URL. You should see your wallet address at the top right of the screen, and below you will see that you can choose 2 tokens. The token you want to have at the top when buying is ETH. The bottom token will be $PINU, which you will find by inputting the contract address: 0x3a1311B8C404629E38f61D566cefEFed083B9670. This is the individualized and unique identifier that all tokens have, so make sure to use the proper contract address and not just type in the ticker name “PINU.” Then, you will set your slippage by clicking on the settings icon above the top token (in the case ETH) and set your slippage to 10% to be on the safe side and not have your trade reverted and lose gas fees to the price slipping beyond whatever you set. Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed. 

If you’re buying on a PC, once you have created your wallet, you will add a Metamask extension to your browser (Google Chrome for example). Once you have done this, you will log into your Metamask. Once logged in, and the extension is open, you will go to the Uniswap website listed above on your browser. From there, click on “Connect Wallet” on the top right of the page. Select Metamask from the list. Metamask extension will open and ask you to approve the connection to Uniswap. Then, Follow the mobile steps while adding tokens and changing slippage. When finally reaching the “Confirm Swap” section, your Metamask extension will ask you if you’d like to confirm the gas price and you would then confirm the purchase.

Step 4: Once the above settings are set, and the amount of $PINU you want to buy has been input, select “Swap” to continue. Then, select “Confirm Swap” to proceed. Now, you will see how much the gas fee will be to purchase the amount of PINU you want. This gas fee will come out of your ETH, so make sure you have enough for the amount of PINU you’re purchasing PLUS the gas fee. Once the transaction goes through, you will be a proud owner of $PINU.

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Article by Nick (Piccolo Team)